Xanax side effects and addiction symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with a panic disorder, major depression or anxiety, you could be prescribed an anti-depressant called Xanax. ( Yes you can spell it the same way backwards as forwards. ) You might wonder if you can become addicted to Xanax. Oprah Winfrey had a show on Xanax addiction, after all.

But What About That Oprah Show?

When anyone gets a Xanax addiction, they are taking handfuls of Xanax a day. This is far far far more than what’s prescribed. This is not so with any drug, let alone Xanax. Xanax helps you to relax and some folks aren’t satisfied with just being relaxed they want to be ’stoned’. For some folk, they actually like feeling groggy. All their issues appear to depart. If you hate feeling groggy, then you don’t have to stress about developing a Xanax addiction.

Folks with a Xanax addiction infrequently if ever get their Xanax legally. They get it from the street, or trick doctors into given them a prescription for Xanax without that doctor knowing the patient has already got a Xanax prescription from another doctor.

Xanax addicts have a problem just as serious as a heroin addicts. The Xanax becomes all they want out of life.

When you get a prescription for Xanax, you actually don’t have to worry about developing a debilitating Xanax obsession. If your depression becomes worse, call your health practitioner. Don’t leave the house. Don’t make any big decisions call the doctor. It may be you want less Xanax, or perhaps Xanax just doesn’t agree with your body. Don’t be disturbed if Xanax isn’t for you that’s the reason why there are such a lot of mood suppressants to select from. There’s certain to be one that’s excellent for you. Be a patient patient and always tell your health practitioner the truth.

Don’t worry if Xanax isn’t for you that’s why there are so many antidepressants to choose from. There’s bound to be one that’s just right for you. Be a patient patient and always tell your doctor the truth.