Top Tips to Get Rid of Swollen Lips Quickly and Easily

Swollen lips can be a deadly and extremely dangerous skin infection. Even though most cases of swollen lips turn out to be harmless, yet, in some cases it can even be life risking. Now, if your lips have become swollen, fat or red, there are certain tips that you can ensure to get rid of the infection. Whether it is Aloe vera, tea bags or cold compress; these guidelines will help you to treat the infection right away. Following is a list of guidelines that you can ensure for getting rid of swollen lips. Take a look.

Cold Compress

Whenever you notice your lips becoming red, fat or swollen; start with cold compressing on that zone. Yes! Cold Compress can be one of the best ways to get rid of swollen lips. This treatment is even more viable, if your lips have been swollen due to any infection or piercing.

At the very beginning, wrap some chunks of ice in any clean towel or washcloth. Make sure that the cloth you use is absolutely clean. Dirty cloth may add to the infection and make the situation worse. In case you don’t have ice chunks, frozen peas or chilled spoon can also work in this regard.

Now, when you’ve got the spoon/cloth or ice chunk, press it lightly on the affected area. Follow the entire procedure for around 10 minutes and repeat. Try to be as gentle as possible, because pressing it hard on the affected zone can hurt you.

Finally, continue this procedure until the swollenness or redness of your lips is reduced. The procedure will help you get rid of the pain and the discomfort. However, never apply ice directly on your lips. This can be dangerous as it is likely to cause frost bite or mild soreness.

Use Aloe Vera

When it is swollen lips, nothing can work better than natural ingredients. Aloe Vera is one such ingredient that can help you get rid of the swollen lips right away. The anti inflammatory properties in the herb will play a vital role in helping you to get rid of the swelling and the burning sensation from your lips. This remedy works best when the swelling is caused due to mosquito bites or insect bite.

To begin with the procedure, extract some fresh juice or aloe vera and apply it on the affected lip. Now, gently massage the juice along the area, until the aloe vera is absorbed properly in your lips. Follow this procedure twice a day and do it for a week in order to treat all issues with regard to swollen lips.

Chilled black tea bag

The black tea bags contain an extremely essential element called tannin. Tannin comes with excellent astringent qualities that treat swollen lips right away. Thus, simply apply chilled black tea bags on the affected area and continue the procedure for around 10 minutes. The lips will soon be perfect without being swelled. Thus, follow these tops tips and you will soon get rid of swollen lips without much hassle.