Infantigo Pictures

Infantigo is a kind of bacterial skin infection that is highly contagious and is commonly found in pre-school children. Regardless of age, it can infect those who play sports that involve very close contact like wrestling and rugby. However, this infection is very rare in adults. Another name for this infection is school sores. It is further divided in to two categories. Category one is known as Bullous infantigo that attacks children younger than two years of age. The symptoms include fluid-filled blisters that are painless. They erupt on legs, arms and trunk. The blister and its surrounding skin are itchy and red.

If you don’t let infantigo lesions heal by themselves and you start to scratch, the infection can spread.

The second type is Ecthyma that is a serious form and the infection gets deep into the second layer of the skin. It is categorized by pus-filed sores that are painful and get turned into deep ulcers; the crust that covers the sores is thick and hard in yellow-gray color. Even after the ulcers heal, the scars remain on their place. Their cause is Staphylococcus aureus (both types) and Streptococcus pyogenes (Ecthyma).

This infantigo infection spreads easily through nasal carriers or direct contact with lesions. Even scratching can spread the lesions. However, the dried Streptococci are not infectious, if in air, to the skin that is intact. The best way to prevent this infection from erupting or spreading is through hygienic practices. In case any member of a family is infected, he must make use of water and soap to clean the infected area as well as take regular showers/baths.

This impetigo infection seems to be healing because of the dry crusts covering the lesions.

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