I am so grateful for my 2 wonderful daughters!

I am so thankful to have 2 wonderful, loving and supportive daughters. We have been living on our own for about 5 years now, and money has not always been abundant. We have had car problems out the wazoo and numerous other complications, too. Through it all, my daughters loved me, and supported me with their smiles, their helpfulness and their encouragement. My first priority has always been spending time with them (which is one of the reasons that money has not always been abundant). I don’t want to look back on my life in later years, and wish I had done more things with them. My oldest daughter is now 17 and will probably be starting out on her own soon. I am so proud of her, and of her 12 year old sister. I am richly blessed!

Background Information:

A divorce can be a tough time for a family. It can, also, be a time when we discover the strengths we truly have, and sharing those strengths with each other really makes a difference! There is more to riches than money! Loving and supportive children are more valuable than gold or diamonds!

The review by editor:

I also have to wonderful daughters. they have been such a blessing to my over the years. Now they are both at university on scholarships . again making me so proud but i miss them so much. They can be such pillars of strength when you dont think you have any more. They are so resilient to what ever is going on and seem to be able to move forward when we think they cant. Be so thankful for them, cherish them, enjoy them