How To Handle Constant Green Diarrhea And Make The Pain Stop

Handling constant diarrhea in green color or others should not be challenging, especially if you are aware of simple yet effective ways to stop the upset stomach.

Normally, having an upset stomach do happen once in a while, especially if you are always stressed out, currently having a sudden change in your diet program, or perhaps taking certain medications that can trigger having an upset stomach. These are just some of the factors that can result in green diarrhea. It is manageable to handle it at times, but when it becomes a constant thing, that is when the challenge happens.

How Do You Work On Determining The Factors That Causes Green Diarrhea?

There is no better way to check what is upsetting your stomach, but to be observant. Take note of the foods, medications, or drinks that you have been devouring or perhaps certain activities that you are undergoing before you suffer from having an upset stomach. If you have determined that the reason of having an upset stomach is because of a certain food, medication, or activity, try to avoid it or if not, lessen the use of it, in order to prevent having upset stomach.

If you are experiencing constant diarrhea, you may also want to keep a stack of lactobacillus drink in your fridge. This type of drink contains live microorganisms that can attack bacteria causing upset stomach. You may also purchase this product in a capsulated form, which has a longer shelf life, as compared to the drink type. Infant, children, and adult can take in a lactobacillus drink or capsule (if capsule, only use the contents inside, and sprinkle it in your child’s drink). However, just to make sure, seek your child’s pediatrician clinic, and ask for proper prescription. This will prevent future health discomforts that your child may experience if they are treated the wrong way.

Other Ways To Prevent Constant Green Diarrhea

Fiber – taking more fiber to your diet can prevent constant diarrhea. However, fiber can also aggravate your current condition, so make sure to ask your doctor for the right level of fiber you must take to control your diarrhea. Foods that are high in fiber are as follows:

  • Whole bran
  • Rice
  • Barley

Wine – some studies have proven that certain properties of wine can kill the bacteria causing the upset stomach. Take in a small portion only for best results.
Tea – certain types of tea can help cleanse the body, which may include the elimination of harmful bacteria that is causing diarrhea. You can try tea variants such as:

  • Catnip
  • Blackberry
  • Elderberry

Balanced and well-proportioned meals – eating small and well proportioned meals all the time will help you stop having recurring diarrhea. Remember, eating more than what your body can digest easily, can always be a triggering factor for having an upset stomach.

These are the different information you might want to know, if you want to stop having constant diarrhea.