First Nap Fitness: Cardio & Core Workout

Oh my goodness, this workout kicked my butt! I was pretty sore from the workouts I had completed throughout the week but still wanted a good sweat, so I decided to create a high intensity workout that centered on cardio and core. And boy, did it! This workout can be modified based on physical limitations +/or fitness level and also performed without any equipment, so feel free to tweak it to your liking.

You will complete 8 total sets in the following reps: 12…9…6…3…3…6…9…12. Your goal is to complete the entire workout in as short a time as possible, while still keeping proper form.

For each round, you will perform each exercise listed for the designated number of reps. In between each round, I completed one hill sprint (running down and back up a hill – ~.2 mile) for a workout total of 7 hills.*

*If you don’t live on a hill, you can substitute several stair climbs.

Leg Raise on Stability Ball – try to keep legs as straight as possible. Can be done on floor without ball.

Mountain Climber alt. Toe Touch – Standing, touch toe to opposite hand at chest level. Swing leg back into a reverse lunge, place hands on floor below shoulders and switch lead leg. (Basically, perform one mountain climber.) Push off front foot, lift back leg and swing it through. Touch toe to opposite hand. Swing leg back into reverse lunge, hands down, and switch lead leg. Completing toe touches on both sides equals 1 rep.

Static Leg Raise with Elbow Taps – laying supine on floor, lift and hold legs 30 degrees above floor. Bring hands together in front of chest with elbows pointing out. Alternate elbow taps to floor. (Slightly twist to side and reach elbow towards ear.) Completing a tap on both sides equals 1 rep.

Tuck Jumps – Perform high knees for a lower intensity option

Seated Knee Tuck + V-Up – sit on edge of bench/chair with hands placed at side. Leaning back slightly, bring both knees towards chest, lower legs back down. Without touching the ground, immediately extend legs and raise them up, making a “V” shape with chest and legs. This is 1 rep.