Dry Cough at Night

There is nothing more unpleasant than a night dry cough that doesn’t let you get a good sleep. If during the day you can handle the coughing crises more easily, when you want to rest and it doesn’t let you, you sure need a way to cure yourself.

First of all, in order to get a good sleep and to get rid of a dry cough at night you should get in bed when you are really tired and not earlier. This way your cough won’t be that frequent as during the day, your body being slower. Something that you could practice during the day and that could prove useful for dry cough at night also is a breathing exercise that will allow your body receiving the amount of O2 it needs. The breathing exercise will calm down the nerve cells in the airwaves and will help you with the cough.

Moisturizing your throat is something that you must also do during the night. The dry cough will be milder if before going to sleep you drink something warm or you take some pills that by melting will protect your throat. Always be prepared and have them on your bed table, at hand. When the cough comes by surprise, during sleep, the chances of you chocking are higher than when the crises gets you while awake. So, by comparison, I would say that dry cough at night is more dangerous than day cough.

When you go to bed do not sleep on your back. Try staying on a side or faced down because the condition is favored by sleeping on the back. This position intensifies the breathing because the belly and chest muscle are free to move, having no restrictions. By staying this way you will get a heavy, irregular breathing pattern.

Although sometimes it seems difficult for you, try to breathe only through the nose. Day or night, the cough will become more severe if you breathe through your mouth. You can learn how to unblock a blocked nose, this way making the condition easier to handle. It is all about breathing exercises and learning how to become master of your body.

Another interesting way of handling your dry cough is learning how to cough with your mouth and nose closed. By doing this you will increase the amount of oxygen in your body, which helps to calm down the cough. A similar remedy is trying to hold your breath when the coughing begins. By doing this you will increase the CO2 amount that will calm down the cough cells. Careful though, after holding your breath you will have to inhale small amounts of air, to maintain the effect and to keep the dry cough at night “calm”.

Try some of these remedies next time when you experience dry cough at night because it is impossible not to find one that will work for you. Also, be prepared to practice them more than one time because they won’t cure you after the first try.