Bee Pollen Diet – You May Be Wondering

You may be wondering,  what can the bee pollen diet do for me, and how can I incorporate it into my weight loss plan?

There are many reasons why health minded people utilize a bee pollen diet. After all, it’s in many energy bars and protein drinks.

Unfortunately, losing weight is not an overnight process with many variables to consider.

If you find you’re having difficulty getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals during your workout routines, this all natural substance can regulate your daily required nutrients.

This super food works better than a multivitamin tablet when it comes to balancing out your diet. It will help you lose weight without starving yourself of essential nutrients. Not only does it help curb cravings for unhealthy snacks, but it also has been found to boost your metabolism, letting you feel the effects and benefits of the food you eat much faster.

Allowing you to get the most out of the foods you already enjoy, you can use this amazing super food to enhance your everyday meals. It will help you meet your goals of having a slimmer body without sacrificing your health.

A Bee pollen diet is useful for more than just healthy eating and weight loss. Studies show that this incredible supplement can aid in strengthening the immune system, providing a natural “high” without the harmful effects of caffeine, and even improve concentration and stabilize mood swings.

If your still in doubt, here are some points about bee pollen that will surely eliminate those doubts.

Bee pollen is known to be one of the most powerful foods used for dietary supplements because of its nutritional complexity. Which means that the pollen diet contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which boost the body’s immune system, thereby increasing your energy to work off more unwanted pounds,  and also protecting you against illness or other disease conditions?

Bee pollen has physical and physiological health benefits

  • Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Allergies
  • Sexual function
  • Prostate diseases
  • Menopause
  • Immune system booster
  • Chronic fatigue are just some of the common health concerns being addressed by bee pollen.
  • Antioxidants
  • Proteins
  • 22 amino acids
  • Zinc-Iron-Potassium-Magnesium-Copper-Selenium
  • Vitamin A-Vitamin B complex-Vitamin D-Vitamin E-and dozens more

How the bee pollen diet can help you lose weight?

The low-calorie food that regulates the body’s metabolic processes. Bee pollen contains 15% lecithin, a substance that dissolves fat from the body. It also contains the amino acid phenylalanine that acts as an appetite suppressant, which reduces cravings for those unsavory foods.

As a dietary supplement, bee pollen should be taken in combination with a good balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink sufficient fluids, and exercise on a regular basis. Avoiding fatty, oily foods and foods with high sugar content is a must.

Now that you have some information on this super food, it’s time for you to add the bee pollen diet to your weight loss plan. So go ahead and start utilizing nature’s perfect food to help you get rid of those unwanted pounds.

Infantigo Pictures

Infantigo is a kind of bacterial skin infection that is highly contagious and is commonly found in pre-school children. Regardless of age, it can infect those who play sports that involve very close contact like wrestling and rugby. However, this infection is very rare in adults. Another name for this infection is school sores. It is further divided in to two categories. Category one is known as Bullous infantigo that attacks children younger than two years of age. The symptoms include fluid-filled blisters that are painless. They erupt on legs, arms and trunk. The blister and its surrounding skin are itchy and red.

If you don’t let infantigo lesions heal by themselves and you start to scratch, the infection can spread.

The second type is Ecthyma that is a serious form and the infection gets deep into the second layer of the skin. It is categorized by pus-filed sores that are painful and get turned into deep ulcers; the crust that covers the sores is thick and hard in yellow-gray color. Even after the ulcers heal, the scars remain on their place. Their cause is Staphylococcus aureus (both types) and Streptococcus pyogenes (Ecthyma).

This infantigo infection spreads easily through nasal carriers or direct contact with lesions. Even scratching can spread the lesions. However, the dried Streptococci are not infectious, if in air, to the skin that is intact. The best way to prevent this infection from erupting or spreading is through hygienic practices. In case any member of a family is infected, he must make use of water and soap to clean the infected area as well as take regular showers/baths.

This impetigo infection seems to be healing because of the dry crusts covering the lesions.

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Pictures Of Tonsil Stones

Pictures of tonsil stones which are irregularly formed, whitish in color and are generally smaller sized than a pea. Possibly worst of all, they are nearly always nasty smelling and frequently trigger bad breath, or foul breath in this article i will discuss pictures of tonsil stones.

The pictures are extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable for the eyes.This short article will reveal pictures in every phase of your sore throat and explain exactly what occurs in your throat at this time and exactly what you can do to stop the discomfort.

 Stages And Pictures

If you look at the pictures of tonsil stones in the article which indicates the first stage of inflammation in your throat. It appears slightly red as you see in the picture. When some people very first stage passes very quickly and painlessly, even if you do not even recognize you are sick. Feel a little inflammation when eating and coughing as if something is stuck in your throat.

Pictures of these stones ordeals are more serious and frightening it make people scared which leads to acute pains because of their tonsil stones problems. At this point, the tonsil stones have actually formed white spots on the tonsils, which are the very first serious sign that something is seriously into your throat. Getting rid of white polyps in tonsils is quite undesirable and painful technique, however you need to be done to stay clear of a more serious infection.

Pictures at the third stage includes when you have seen the actual growth of the tonsil stones in your mouth during this stage do not be scared you have to seek for clinical advice it is now time to do it to stay clear of even more serious issues. Techniques of home treatment at the last are not really effective unless this helps to alleviate discomfort till the condition has stopped. For more major therapy and a quick recuperation will certainly need to resort to clinical assistance.

In this brief article i discussed pictures of tonsil stones and how it can help you understand and visualize the problems you are having when you have bad breath read this simple tips on pictures of tonsil stones it will help you in your search you are welcome to sign up for my 20 days free email course on tonsil stone removal thanks.

Why you should diet with Lemon Cayenne Pepper Diet

The lemon cayenne pepper diet, made popular by celebrities like Oprah and Beyonce, is a diet system that is uniquely designed to help detoxify and person’s body and at the same time, help them shed off some pounds. It relies on a liquid diet, a bit similar to fasting, which helps a lot in flushing out The lemon cayenne pepper diet, made popular by celebrities like Oprah and Beyonce, is a diet system that is uniquely designed to help detoxify and person’s body and at the same time, help them shed off some pounds. It relies on a liquid diet, a bit similar to fasting, which helps a lot in flushing out all the unwanted toxins that you have in your system. Perhaps the only discouraging thing about the lemon cayenne pepper diet is the fact that people who have extremely busy schedules would find it very difficult to follow as well as maintain the diet. Truth be told, many of them don’t even last a day simply because they crave solid food. You can’t blame them, really, no matter how great the benefits that the lemon cayenne pepper diet can provide a person with, having to subsist on just the detox drink alone is entirely a mind over matter thing. Since, we are on the topic of benefits, what exactly are the benefits that one can get if they do decide to do this diet?

1. The body would receive full detoxification which is extremely beneficial to both the mental as well as physical health of a person. The lemon cayenne pepper diet most certainly delivers this and plenty of detoxifying agents can be found in the lemonade that would immediately cleanse your system of any harmful toxins and leave you feeling lighter, more energetic and refreshed.

2. Of course, it would also help you lose weight. Even though it wasn’t intended for this purpose, the lemon cayenne pepper diet is indeed an effective method for weight loss. You would need to stay away from food for about 2 weeks but because of the way the diet was designed, you wouldn’t feel starved.

3. You get more energy. If you have been feeling lethargic and weak most days, then it could be because of the toxins in your body. If you don’t do anything about them and simply let them accumulate in your body, you would feel tired and heavy. But because of the detoxifying effects of the diet, you would feel more energetic and lighter. In fact, you would start feeling this way, the first week into your diet.

As you can see, there are plenty more benefits that you can get from the lemon cayenne pepper diet. Better digestion, a faster metabolism and a lighter feeling are just some of the health benefits you would receive. Losing weight, really, is just another thing to add to the list of all the things that make this diet one of the best. I should also mention the fact that unlike other diets, this one is pretty inexpensive. The ingredients are also all natural, so you needn’t worry about any possible side effects. It isn’t a fad diet and has been around for about 30 years now since its discovery. So if you are looking for something that actually works as well as a diet that is beneficial to your health and is all natural then this might be the diet for you. But remember to consult your doctor before you begin doing the lemon cayenne pepper diet. You need to make sure that you are in great health condition and that your body can handle the stress.

3 Effective and All Natural Treatment for Asthma

Asthma treatment and medication have indeed come a long way in terms of improvement and affectivity but there is still one problem that most asthmatics encounter in terms or prescribed medication; side effects. Although they are mostly mild and for most cases nonexistent, side effects are one of the main reasons why a lot of people switch to natural asthma treatments. While this may seem to be a better option, it is greatly discouraged because of the dangers that it can pose. Running out or having no rescue or relief medication around when you need it the most can be life threatening.

So if you are looking to try natural asthma treatments, use them along with your regularly prescribed medication and ask for advice from your doctor first just to be on the safe side. It is also important that you keep in mind three things when looking for natural asthma treatments:

• The quality: While some brands have become trusted in dealing with asthma, there are still those that prey on consumers by offering baseless theories and empty promises, giving nothing in return. Since these herbal medication are not being regulated by the FDA at the moment, more and more “shady” products are entering the market.

• Side effects: some of these products can actually be more dangerous than they claim to be. Check the bottle for the possible side effects or if it cannot be located try looking for the ingredients of the product on the container and searching for possible side-effects on the internet, if still in doubt ask your doctor.

• Drug Interactions: Some herbal medications may contain ingredients that can counteract the effect of your regular medication rendering it useless. Always check for the active ingredients first and the possible contraindications that it might have.

Checking for quality and assurance of safety should always be your primary concern when planning to try out an alternative natural asthma treatment. But just to give you an idea, here are four alternative treatments that have proven themselves safe and effective against asthma:

Buteyko: A breathing technique developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko to help asthmatics deal with their condition by teaching them to breathe less. The premise is that by learning how to breathe less, the asthmatics lungs will be able to adjust accordingly during an attack by coping with lesser oxygen. This breathing method also prevents asthmatics from hyperventilating during the attack thereby making them and the condition more manageable.

Vitamin B6 – B12: Some studies also show that asthmatics can benefit from taking in Vitamins B6 and B12 daily as it can help the body produce essential chemicals that aid in blocking allergic effects of certain sulfites and has been known to promote muscle of bronchial smooth tissue, resulting in better breathing.

Ginko Biloba: Or more commonly referred to as the plant kingdom’s oldest living fossil, Ginko Biloba’s existence can be traced back over millions of years ago and has been used in China in improving lung function, blood circulation, mental performance, and longevity. The conducted medical studies have found out that taking Ginko Biloba can increase micro-circulation within the body and reduce inflammation in asthmatics as well as strengthen resistance to further attacks.

The aim of natural asthma treatment is to achieve relief without depending too much in your prescribed medication. But this does not in any way mean that you should abandon your regular treatment. Do proper research first before starting out so that you will be able to find out even before starting if the alternative method that you choose will work to your benefit or not.


How Is Asthma Treated and Controlled? – NHLBI, NI

Asthma in Adults – Health Guidances

Natural home remedies: Asthma | Best Health Magazine Canada

Information and Advice for Anxiety Disorder

Being stressed worried is a part of everyday living and everyone has experienced it. There will always be some kind of apprehension when it comes to the many problems that people encounter each day. By being anxious, it rouses you to action which can do you good or cause you harm later on. While anxiety has its good points as it can keep you on your toes, constant fretting can result into a medical condition or much more.

Anxiety disorders are the negative effects resulting from frequent stressing. It prevents you from getting back on your feet and shuts you off from reality. Anxiety disorders are treatable and they are illnesses attributed to the lifestyle and experiences of an individual. In some cases however, these conditions are inherited.

Being afflicted with anxiety disorder can disrupt your day-to-day routine and have unrealistic expectations which can result into nervous breakdowns. Feeling apprehensive and restless can be rather distressing and when faced with anxiety attacks, it can distract you from your daily activities. Also, occasional anxiety attacks can be frighteningly intense that they truly cripple and weaken you.

But there are tons of ways to reduce your anxious feelings and overloaded thoughts. Treatment for anxiety disorders sometimes require that you goad yourself that you want a more positive change in your life other than the one you are experiencing. You do not want a nervous breakdown to go with your anxiety disorder. Exhale slowly, adjust your thoughts, and shift to a more positive insight about life and start from there.

Determine first what makes you worry habitually. Try to assemble your thoughts and emotions. Then pen down your anxiety-causing problems and life issues. Be sincere in what you write since you will be helping yourself anyway. Check your list and separate the important ones from the not-so-important. You need to set some priorities for yourself instead of being morose about how life cruelly treats you. In fact, as you give your list an once-over, you will notice that some things are just plain ridiculous to be worried about. Also, if you are obsessed with worrying, you will never get a sense of wellbeing.

You should learn acceptance of how things are. Without changes, life has no purpose. Reflecting on your worries can help you face your issues head on. Being bogged down with worries is not a great way to live a life full of meaning. Whether you have problems or not, remember that you will continue on living.
Anxiety disorder self help solutions like aromatherapy can also do you good. It can alleviate some of the stress that you are feeling at the moment. Set time for a nice, warm soak in your bathtub and light up some incense for a sensual, calming effect. Not only you will feel invigorated after, you get to relax your mind from obsessing about your problems.

There are also several self-help methods which you can find in the Internet to get rid of your panic and anxiety attacks. You can rummage through books, get support from friends and family, and join a support group. Keep in mind that there are actually plenty of things which are within your control. Take things in proper perspective, go slowly, and heal yourself out of your anxiety.

Beer Reviews Cromwells Hat

As it seems like winter at the moment I thought I would review a beer appropriate to cooler weather. Imagine it is winter! One of the best things about winter is winter beer – strong, full of taste and warming on a winter’s night. Over the last couple of weeks we have been fortunate to have one of the better examples down at our local pub. Cromwell’s Hat is a beer brewed to suit the season, by Springhead Brewery.


Springhead brewery began life back in 1990 and was then the smallest micro-brewery in England. It started out brewing in a small outbuilding next to the brewer’s house but, as production and demand increased, it moved to a custom built brewery on an industrial estate in Sutton on Trent, near Newark in Nottinghamshire. “Springhead” refers to a bend in the River Trent; the place where the brewery was sited.

The head brewer (Shirley Reynolds) is extremely proud of her range of beers which have built up over the years. They can be found in pubs nationwide (though more readily available in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas), beer festivals and also can be purchased for drinking at home, direct from the brewery. These beers include Roaring Meg (a strong blonde ale at 5.5% ABV), Puritans Porter (a dark, tasty porter at 4.0% ABV) and Charlie’s Angel (a light coloured, fruity beer at 4.5% ABV).

You can also go and visit the brewery and tours are available – you need to contact the brewery (details at end of review) and it can take up to 40 people.


*A Bit of Background*

Springhead beers tend to take the English Civil War as the inspiration for their names. Cromwell’s Hat is no exception! The name of this particular brew refers to the occasion when Cromwell was offered the Crown of England, after Charles I was beheaded. As a politician Oliver Cromwell was more comfortable staying as Lord Protector, rather than becoming a king. Keeping his hat instead of donning the crown was his way of showing he had maintained his parliamentary principles and not taken on any Royalist ideals. Thus, the beer Cromwell’s Hat was born!

As a seasonal beer, Cromwell’s Hat is only available during November and December. It is a strong beer though and may often linger in pubs until a short while into January.

*Vital Stats*

Cromwell’s Hat weighs in at 6.0% ABV and is placed firmly in the category of a Strong Bitter. It is a winter beer, brewed using Northdown Hops, Pale Crystal Malt and with the addition of cinnamon and juniper berries for added wintry flavours.

*Look, Aroma & Texture*

Looks wise, Cromwell’s Hat is a dark brown beer with a slightly copper red tinge. The head is slightly off white in colour, medium in size and lingers for the majority of your pint. Aroma is spicy like mulled wine (the cinnamon and juniper berries really show through), combined with a slight honey sweetness, hints of blackcurrants and a smell a little like that from a glass of cola. Body is quite syrupy and full bodied, much as you would expect from a strong beer, but with a good amount of conditioning making it less heavy than some winter ales. It is quite smooth in the mouth and rich on the palate too.

*Taste Test*

Cromwell’s Hat is a nice warming beer that has a good combination of flavours you would associate with a winter or Christmas beer. Primary flavours are the sweetness of honey and a soft maltiness. This is combined with a vinous fruit flavour (a little like a deep red wine), and the spiciness of the juniper and cinnamon, which builds in strength as the pint progresses. This all leads to a short bitter/sweet finish and an aftertaste that is warming and has a spicy tingle.


Cromwell’s Hat isn’t a beer I drink regularly. This isn’t because I don’t like it though! It’s mainly down to circumstance and planning – At 6% ABV it is pretty strong, so I usually reserve it for a last long drink at the end of the night. Also, it is a seasonally produced beer, so my sampling of Cromwell’s Hat is limited to just a couple of months out of the year. It is a beer to be sipped and savoured and not a beer to be swilled and glugged down. The strength makes it an ideal beer to take your time on – this also gives you a chance to fully appreciate the flavours that build up as you drink and as the beer warms up a little. I recommend that you drink it on the warmer side of chilled, otherwise it won’t reach its full potential in terms of depth and character.

My last couple of pints of Cromwell’s Hat were enjoyed in The Industry – the pub around the corner from me. Here we paid £ 2.40 a pint for an excellent quality beer. Previously I had tried it during a trip to Springhead Brewery, where a sample of it was included in our tour. The Industry had it on the bar for about a week and we popped in on a few evenings and had one each on each occasion. I did find that as the beer got older (meaning it had been maturing in the cask down in the cellar for longer) it got even better and the flavour towards the end of the cask was much more developed and fuller. The young (less matured) beer at the beginning of the cask was still tasty, but not as balanced and strong.

I can appreciate that a few people won’t like the taste of this one. The blend of the bitter and the sweet and the mulled wine quality make for a slightly out of the ordinary flavour for a beer – this is no tasteless lager or characterless beer of the “smooth” or “creamflow” variety! It is smooth, tasty and warming, with a real taste of winter.


Springhead Fine Ales,
Old Great North Road,
NG23 6QJ
01636 821000

Beer Reviews Wild Swan

Generally I prefer stronger, darker beers. So when I came across a really pale lower gravity beer I wasn’t sure if it would have enough body and taste for me. Mind you, it was brewed by Thornbridge Hall brewery and they ARE one of the best up and coming micro-breweries I have encountered recently. It would be rude of me not to give it a chance now wouldn’t it? Two pints were duly ordered (one for me and one for my husband ~ I’m not THAT greedy) and we proceeded to give it the taste test! .and the verdict? Read on and find out!


As I mentioned Wild Swan is brewed at Thornbridge Hall Brewery, which is based in Ashford in the Water (not far from Bakewell in Derbyshire). They were set up in a converted outbuilding of this minor stately home in October 2002 and have since begun to grow into a respected and rather excellent brewery. The Hall itself was formally the home of the Longsdon family before becoming a teacher training and education centre. It is now a family home again, but it is also a very successful business.

Their beers have already, in a very short space of time, started to win awards at beer festivals and their bottled beers have been accepted by the national Real Ale in a Bottle scheme. Their core range of beers has grown since brewing began (they started off with four regular beers and some occasional specials) and consists of a massive seven regular beers. These are (in order of alcohol content) Wild Swan (the subject of this review), Lord Marples (a classic bitter at 4% ABV), Brock (a smooth, creamy stout at 4.1% ABV), Blackthorn Ale (a golden bitter ale at 4.4% ABV), Bohemia (a Czech style cask lager at 5.2% ABV), Jaipur IPA (a pale strong beer at 5.9% ABV) and St. Petersburg Stout (a VERY strong Russian style stout at 7.7% ABV).

Thornbridge beers are available in a variety of pubs in the Derbyshire and Yorkshire region and are regularly featured at beer festivals nationwide. You can also buy their bottled beers via the brewery web-site.


*Vital Stats*

Wild Swan weighs in at 3.5% ABV and is classed as a low gravity pale bitter.

*Look, Aroma & Texture*

As you have probably guessed Wild Swan is pale in colour. It is in actual fact one of the palest beers I have ever come across. Imagine an extremely light straw/pale gold colour with a slight hint of greenish yellow ~ almost like a lime cordial or a lager with lime. There is a slight almost translucent head that is made up of small bubbles and soon fades. Aroma is fresh and light with the scent of lemon hops and a small amount of fruit (grapefruit mostly). Texture is quite carbonated, light bodied and rather thin.

*Tange’s Taste Test*

After being initially put off by the extreme paleness of the beer I persevered and gave it a taste! First taste to be honest left me struck by the lack of body and I did dismiss Wild Swan has having very little taste. I had bought a full glass so I drank on and was VERY glad that I did. The flavours that come through start off very subtle but gradually develop into quite a tasty little beer. The dominant taste is the bitterness of lemon from the hops, but this is joined by grapefruit and a spicy hint of pepper (a small hint, but certainly there). As you drink it gets increasingly dry. The bitterness builds into a finish that is clean and very dry. After taste is short lived but refreshing, with that same lightness I described in the texture.


I AM glad that I kept drinking my pint of Wild Swan. Some people I know have been put off by the look of it saying that anything that resembles lime and lemon can’t make a good beer! Once again Thornbridge Hall have managed to make a lower alcohol beer tasty ~ just recently they brewed two Mild ales which, despite being a meager 2.9%, had bags of flavour and unique characters. This is just the same as Wild Swan! At only 3.5% ABV it is an excellent choice for a Session beer and would also make a good choice for a summer drink because it is nice served cool and is rather fresh and light. It is subtle and very well crafted too.

Wild Swan would also be a fine choice to tempt the lager drinker away from their tasteless fizz. It looks more like a lager than most cask beers and isn’t too malty (although there is a slight buttery flavour in the beer). I have tried it on two separate occasions and enjoyed it immensely. My first time was at Barrow Hill beer festival ~ they were co-sponsored by the brewery and a good number of their beers were on offer. The second time was at The Industry Inn, just outside Chesterfield town centre. The first time I paid 1.00 for a half pint of Wild Swan. At the Industry I got a pint and paid 2.30. This seems to be a pretty standard representation of the various prices you can pay for Wild Swan in the pubs in my area.

One thing that I must mention is that this is the least common of the Thornbridge beers I come across locally. I’m not sure whether this is because it isn’t as popular among the local licensees, who tend to favour the more popular and more standard strength beers, like Blackthorn and Lord Marples, or whether it just isn’t brewed as often. Whatever the reason it does need to be more readily available to allow drinkers to get the taste for it! I am sure that once people get past the strength and colour barrier they will start to drink it more and more.

Look out for Wild Swan and give it a try. You might even like it!


Thornbridge Country House Brewery
Thornbridge Hall
DE45 1NZ

Tel: 01629 640617

Beer Reviews Wells Bombardier

I couldn’t believe it when I noticed that I hadn’t posted a review on Bombardier Bitter. It is a regular feature in one of my local pubs and one I have drunk on MANY occasions. I think by now I am pretty qualified to offer my musings on this traditional, and rather famous, premium ale.


Bombardier Premium English Bitter is brewed by the Charles Wells Brewery. This is a family business that was founded in 1876 in Bedford and moved to the present location in 1976. The brewery, known as the Eagle Brewery, is apparently the fifth largest brewery in the UK and has been owned and run by the Wells family for five generations. They now supply getting on for 300 of their own pubs and 600 plus other outlets nationwide. They began bottling beer in 1996 and also supply beers for export abroad. You can even buy Bombardier in mini casks to drink proper beer in your own home!

Some of the beers brewed at the Eagle Brewery are Banana Bread Beer (a beer that really does taste of bananas at 5% ABV), Eagle IPA (a low gravity pale ale at 3.6% ABV) and Naked Gold (a seasonal oaty beer at 4.5% ABV).


*A Bit of Background*

Bombardier is the flagship beer for a campaign to make St George’s Day a public holiday ~ you can follow a link on the Charles Wells website to sign a petition and get involved. There is also lots of information about the different ways you can buy and drink it ~ Bombardier is a versatile drink that comes in cans, bottles and cask (they even do a smooth version.but that’s not really worthy of a mention!).

*Vital Stats*

Bombardier weighs in at 4.3% ABV and is brewed using Crystal and Pale malts, combined with a mix of Styrian Goldings and Challenger hops. The strength puts it in the category of a premium or best bitter.

*Look, Aroma & Texture*

Bombardier is an amber to copper colour, with chestnut tinges when held up to the light. It has a decent sized milky coffee coloured head that is pretty foamy and long lasting. The aroma is hoppy (not the citrus hops I normally mention, but a kind of spicy/peppery scent) and fruity (like grapes or raisins), with a balancing maltiness. Texture is quite rich, yet remains quite light on the palate. There is also a faint spicy tingle.


The first flavour I got from my first sip was malt ~ a rich malt with underlying hints of caramel and toffee. This soon blends with flavours of raisins, blackberries and other dark, rich fruits. Add to this a hoppiness that develops and becomes increasingly bitter towards the finish. This leads to an aftertaste that retains that bitterness but also brings in a hint of spices and more vine fruits. The aftertaste is quite long and combines the flavours that are present throughout ~ the final mouth feel is pretty dry and still has a burnt malt character.


It is a shame that Bombardier seems to be reaching saturation point in my local pubs. There was a time when it was quite difficult to find, but it is now everywhere. Some pubs serve it in a less than ideal state so many people’s experiences of cask Bombardier will not be a particularly memorable one (and maybe in some cases an unpleasant one).

Thankfully The Industry (a pub round the corner from my house) in Newbold, near Chesterfield, has it on as one of their long term Guest Ales at the moment. We pay 2.30 a pint for it and have found it to be well kept and rather tasty indeed.

When in good condition, and well cared for, Bombardier is an excellent example of an English Bitter. It is well balanced, full of flavour and with a good amount of body. The fruit flavours mix well with the malt and the bitter hoppiness makes it quite refreshing and dry all at the same time. I find it to be quite complex, but it definitely works well and is a drinkable beer. The alcohol content is still low enough to make it a creditable session ale too!

If your current experiences of Bombardier have been less than favourable I recommend that you persevere and seek out a good pub with a well kept cellar! I think that Bombardier is an under-rated beer that is better than most people think ~ I have enjoyed it on many occasions and would drink it again. It is quite a rich beer, so may not appeal to the lager style beer drinkers, but it has enough flavour and character for a Real Ale drinker like me.


Charles Wells Ltd
The Eagle Brewery
Havelock Street
MK40 4LU
Tel 01234 272766


Tel 01234 272766

Beer Reviews Youngs Waggledance

The beer called waggledance was developed by the Vaux brewery of Sunderland in 1995 and produced by it’s subsidiary, Ward’s of Sheffield. When these breweries closed, 4 or 5 years later, Young’s of London took over production.

Young’s has been a family brewery ever since 1831 when C.A. Young and his partner purchased the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, London. They were the only London brewer not to switch to keg beer in the 70’s and still make some of their deliveries by horse drawn dray. Their emphasis on tradition has repaid them with countless awards for their range of beers, which these days number 12 brands.

Where does the name come from I hear you ask. Well… Waggledance is the term that’s used to describe the figure-of-eight motion that bees perform to alert other bees to a find of nectar. Hmm, that’s interesting.

It pours to a crystal clear, deep golden-amber to copper colour with moderate carbonation and a small, slightly off-white head – the retention isn’t great and the head didn’t last long but it leaves a reasonable lace nevertheless. The aroma is quite pleasant, very strong honey notes are evident as well as some sweet maltiness. There’s also a little grain to the nose and just a hint of hops.

Medium to light in body, the taste is strange. The mouthfeel has a weird, dry and grainy texture and is quite musty, overwhelming most of the malt or hop presence. From the label we’re told that Goldings and Fuggles hops are used but they’re barely noticeable. Upfront there’s some sweet malt and honey notes but these are soon overshadowed by a bitter and metallic taste. It finishes quite dry and bitter and eventually, a slight hint of honey in the aftertaste.
It smells far better than it tastes.

At 5% ABV, this beer this beer does not impress. It promises much in the aroma but singularly fails to deliver in the flavour department. I would go even further. It is quite unpleasant and – are you sitting comfortably? – I didn’t even finish my pint! To be honest though, I’m really not a big fan of the style anyway, but having said that, I was really disappointed with this offering from Young’s.
Would I drink it again? – Do bees swim in the ocean?

Perhaps I could best sum up in a Limerickerish fashion:

proxam returning from France
sampled some Young’s Waggledance
he took a long drink
poured the rest down the sink
would he buy it again?….nae chance