Blue Waffle Different Reactions

One girl in you tube video she is telling about the blue waffle. She said that the when I see the picture of infected women vagina it’s discussing. She said it’s because of the bad girls and I am not wanted to show you that picture because it’s horrible. But it’s terrible; it’s awful I have ever seen some thing like this. I did not see intentionally because my friend told me about this STD vaginal infection.

First Time See Blue Waffles Reaction Video

There are two ladies in you tube video. They are watching a video about this infection and they also discussing that what is waffle? One of those ladies was taking coffee when she sees the picture of STD blue waffle see throw all that what she has in mouth suddenly. Now you should think that how horrible was that.

Deaf Girl’s Reaction to this Infection!

She is say in her sign language that she is deaf. She said I have noticed that a lot of people have been talking about this std disease on internet. So I was thinking that I would go ahead and look. I have no clue what is it, but people have been telling me that you have to record your reaction on video.

Mom’s reaction to This Infection Video

One girl was showing to her mom the picture of this nasty vagina STD infection. She was telling that you will see the reaction of my mom about the Disease when she brings the picture of STD infection in front of the mom. She shocked and says some thing I can not explain but a just say that she said that it is really discussing.

Dad’s Reaction to STD Vagina

There are two sons and their dad in car. One of the son want to show the picture of infected vagina to their dad and the other son was recording the reaction of his dad about the STD Blue Waffle. They were telling to their dad you will shocked but when he see the picture he cry and put his hand on his mouth and said is it a dad virgin? Their sons reply no dad its nasty vagina infection.

Pain Between Shoulder Blades Causes

A large number of people are suffering from the problems of pain between shoulder blades causes across the world as of today. Especially this problem is seen on the shoulders of men most of the time. But this sort of pain is also reported in the women these days in so many countries. There are many kinds of reasons behind this kind of shoulder blade pain among the men and women. If you are undergoing such pain in the shoulder, you are required to see the doctor at the earliest to tackle the pain in time. Because any sort of delay may turn bad for you in future.

Main causes

Gall bladder pain is among the pain between shoulder blades causes these days. When it occurs, you will feel the pain between the shoulder blades. And it will look like unusual. You will suffer from nausea, vomiting and gas during this period. If you continue to vomit like this, you can reach the conclusion that you are suffering from Gall bladder pain. You are attacked with this sort of pain; you will take several hours to completely recover from the pain between shoulder blades. But there is another problem that it is very difficult to identify this pain as these symptoms are also found in some other diseases as well. Therefore you need to notice the causes very carefully and closely.

How to get rid of pain

It is easy to get rid of such pain in the shoulder blades with some pain killers. You can take these pain killers and your pain will go away instantly. This sort of pain is also caused by arthritis and disc diseases in the human beings these days. These two factors play a big role in causes of pain between shoulder blades. The pain starts from the neck and ends in the area of shoulder. This pain affects the entire body severely. Your arms, hands and head may also be affected because of this sort of pain causes and angina pectoris can also be a cause of this dangerous disease.

Coping With Lower Left Side Abdominal Pain

There is really no other pain in the world like abdominal pain, because pain anywhere in the back can be extremely painful, even crippling, and usually radiates into other parts of the body as well. There are all different sorts of pain that you can suffer from, and lower left side pain is one of the most commonly experienced, by far.

Almost everyone suffers from lower pain at one point or another in their life, and while some are lucky and their pain goes away on its own, for others it can be a serious even lifelong ailment that they have to deal with every day. The best way to deal with lower left pain in the abdomen is to understand more about it first and learn about what causes it so that you can then work towards eliminating the cause as best as you can.

Common Causes

Everyone leads a different life and so the cause of one’s back pain can be from an array of different causes. There are a few that are especially common however, including poor posture, daily work habits, riding in a car for a long period of time, poor overall physical condition, working at a computer all day, lifting incorrectly and weak lumber muscles.


The treatment that you should go with will vary according to dr. santa, depending on what particular type of pain you are suffering from and how severe your condition is. Exercise has always shown to be one of the most effective forms of treatment however, as it helps to work out and stretch the muscles in your back and help them from becoming tense and sore.

There are actually a variety of different exercises that you can do which are designed specifically to work the back, and the object of these exercises is basically to rehabilitate the spine and to strengthen the muscles that are surrounding it so that you can not only reduce the abdominal pain you are presently suffering from but also so that you can prevent a reocurrence of the back pain in the future.

If your lower side pain is especially serious you may want to speak to your doctor about more serious measures, because exercise may just not be enough in your case. The pain can often be a sign of more serious health problems and conditions so it is important that you seek medical attention just to make sure that there is nothing more serious going on.

Lower left abdominal pain

Abdominal pain normally referred as Abdomen pain could be mild which you may consider to be negligible or very severe. However, no lower left abdominal pain should be neglected even if it’s mild. Negligence in such small cases leads to major health issue. Thus, it is advisable to consult the doctors on experiencing any type of pain in the abdomen. Most of these pains can be easily diagnosed and treated.

Some of the common causes of the pain are constipation, menstrual cramps, food poisoning, gas, ulcers, stomach flu, indigestion, lactose intolerance, food allergies and many more. Although there are various causes of the stomach ache when deeply analyzed, it’s always better to have knowledge of at least some common causes to take preliminary precautions.

Some of the facts about these common causes of lower left abdominal pain are as follows:

Indigestion: It is a feeling of discomfort caused during or after a meal. It results in burning or pain in the upper abdomen. The symptoms of indigestion include acidic taste, burning in upper abdomen, Nausea and vomiting, gas, etc. Along with digestion, people often complaints of heartburn. However, it is to be noticed that heartburn is the cause of rise of stomach acids in the esophagus.

Constipation: The less frequent or difficult bowel movement leads to constipation. Every individual experiences bowel movements at different times. Some experiences it thrice a day, while the others only once or twice in a week. If the bowel movement doesn’t occur within three days, the stool become hard and results into difficulty to pass. Inadequate water intake or fiber in diet, inadequate activity, stress, eating disorders, overuse of laxatives (stool softeners) and many more are the causes of constipation.

Gas: It can be referred as the by-product of the foods we take. Gas is produced when the digestive system breaks down food. This gas is a composition of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, methane and hydrogen. Its occurrence in the stomach can be painful as well as embarrassing socially.
Food Poisoning: It can be life-threatening problem and severe food poisoning or infection due to food-borne organisms can even take away the live of the person suffering from it. The common symptoms of food poisoning include mild intestinal discomfort, severe dehydration and bloody diarrhea.

Ulcers: These are painful sores which develop in the first part of the small intestine. The imbalance between the duodenum (first part of small intestine) and stomach’s digestive fluids helps in the development of ulcers. Some very basic symptoms of ulcers include heartburn, nausea or vomiting, weight loss, severe pain in mid to upper abdomen, etc.

Lactose intolerance: It is nothing but an inability in which a person finds it difficult to digest the lactose that is found in milk and dairy products. This isn’t too dangerous, but its symptoms are distressing. The symptoms are diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps, Nausea, painful gas, etc.

These are some of the common causes of lower abdomen pain which can be treated after early diagnosis. There are some more causes which are severe than these basic causes. To name a few, the other causes of the pain include pelvic inflammatory disease, Hernia, gallstones, Kidney stones, endomorphisms, urinary tract infection, appendicitis, etc. All the types of pains in the abdomen can be cured on early detection and thus, the person suffering from such pain must consult the doctor immediately.

Understanding and Treating a Prostate Infection

The prostate is a gland that is part of the male reproductive system, and is located just below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, which is the canal that is used to empty the bladder, and as well the prostate works by producing a fluid that forms part of semen. There are various different problems that can occur with the prostate, with the most common being prostate enlargement, prostate infection and prostate cancer.

What a Prostate Infection is

A prostate infection is a type of infection that results in irritating the prostate and inflaming the gland, and this tends to cause swelling. Prostatitis is the more commonly used term for a prostate infection, and it is an ailment that can result in a variety of problems, including a frequent and urgent need to urinate and pain or burning during the urination process.

Prostatitis, or a prostate infection, can appear in many different forms, with the acute form being the least common. The symptoms, however, are the most severe with the acute form, and they are often sudden, sometimes even requiring hospitalization. Then there is chronic prostatitis, for which the symptoms tend to develop more slowly and over a longer period of time.

The acute form of prostatitis is a sudden bacterial infection that is marked by inflammation of the prostate, and patients with this condition tend to have fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and burning during urination. Acute bacterial prostatitis requires full and immediate treatment, as the condition can result in leading to bladder infections, abscesses in the prostate and even a completely blocked urine flow, in more extreme cases.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a condition which is the result of recurrent urinary tract infections that have entered the prostate gland, and the symptoms are quite similar to that of acute bacterial prostatitis, although they tend to be much less severe and can fluctuate in intensity. As well the diagnosis of this particular condition is often much more difficult, as it is often challenging for the attending physician to be able to find the bacteria in the urine.


When it comes to the causes of prostatitis, how the prostate becomes infected is actually not clear, however it is believed that most likely the bacteria that cause the condition may get into the prostate from the urethra by backward flow of infected urine or stool from the rectum.

prostate massage
There are various methods of treatment that are available for a prostate infection, however you will have to be examined and properly assessed by your own doctor in order to determine the proper and specific method of treatment for you. Sometime people use prostate milking or prostate massage to stimulate the male prostate gland for sexual or medical purposes.

The Main Causes of Hypertension

In general, the main cause of hypertension is not known with certainty, the so-called primary hypertension or essential hypertension. Essential hypertension is probably due to changes in the heart and blood vessels. Whereas if the cause is known, than it is called secondary hypertension. Secondary hypertension is usually caused by kidney disorders, use of drugs – certain drugs and hormonal conditions and lifestyles.

The cause of this hypertension can be controlled, and some that can not be controlled. Age and heredity factors are the 2 things that can not be controlled. The results showed that the gene can be derived for the problems associated with hypertension. Similarly, the age, the higher age can make the blood pressure experienced.

While other factors can be controlled such as, drugs – drugs, cigarettes, salt, obesity, stress, caffeine, alcohol, cholesterol, and also lack of class exercise. The corticosteroid medications, such as cortison, dexamethason can increase blood pressure, as well as drugs — hormonal drugs such as birth control pills. Other drugs that can increase blood pressure is anti-inflammatory drugs. Cigarettes can cause hypertension because of the nicotine content is very high. Smoking habits, other than hypertension, it can also increase the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and stroke. Caffeine which are contained in coffee and tea, and potentially increase the alcohol drink also can cause the high blood pressure, therefore, should not consume excessive drinks.

Salt as one of the flavoring dishes that can be found also cause hypertension, especially in diabetics. Often people who experience this disease is recommended for low-salt diet. Besides factors of obesity and lack of exercise also cause hypertension. These 2 factors are connected. Better to do regular exercise and light. Conversely, for patients with hypertension is recommended to not do heavy exercise.

Dropped Uterus

Dropped uterus is particularly a common condition among older women because of the weakening of the pelvic muscles. Prolapsed uterus, another term for dropped uterus, is a condition where the uterus falls to the vaginal canal from its normal positioning in the pelvis. While not a deadly condition, a woman with a prolapsed uterus is in a terribly painful predicament. A lot of women go through a great deal of distress when they have a dropped uterus. There are various grades of prolapsed uterus, each with slightly different prolapsed uterus symptoms.

Dealing with a Dropped Uterus

Grade 1 prolapsed uterus is a relatively mild case. Some women won’t even notice that they have a dropped uterus already. It’s just a slight drop of the uterus and no pain or discomfort will be felt. However, a portion of the uterus may be seen as it goes down to the upper portion of the vagina. A bigger portion of the uterus can be seen with the Grade 2 prolapsed uterus, as the cervix sticks out of the mouth of the vagina. Although not as painful the third grade prolapsed uterus, Grade 2 is already considered an alarming case. Grade 3 is where the cervix is actually outside the vagina. Grade 4 prolapsed uterus induces a lot of discomfort because the whole uterus is outside the vagina. At this point, all the muscles that support the uterus have already weakened. The fourth grade dropped uterus is also known as procidentia.

Having an anteverted uterus helps in keeping the uterus from falling. However, some women really suffer from prolapsed uterus through time. Any circumstance that weakens the pelvic muscles puts a woman at risk of dropped uterus. Pregnancy can weaken the pelvic muscles, as well as advancement in age. A prolapsed uterus may likely occur during and after menopause because of the limited supply of natural estrogen in the body. It helps to maintain normal weight because obesity can increase pressure on the pelvic muscles. Cough, constipation, and fluid retention in the abdominal section can also weaken the pelvic muscles. Race also matters in determining the likelihood of a falling uterus. Studies show that Caucasian women are more likely to suffer this condition than Asian or African women.

Prolapsed uterus symptoms are very apparent. Normally, women with dropped uterus will feel pressure on the pelvic area. This is usually accompanied with difficulty moving around, pain on the lower back, and a feeling that something is sliding of the vagina. Dropped uterus can cause a lot of discomfort in the functions of the genitals. For instance, urination and bowel movements will be very difficult. Sexual intercourse will be highly affected with a prolapsed uterus.

Any sign of prolapsed uterus symptoms should already be reported to the doctor. Although it is not a fatal condition, the pain and discomfort will affect the activities of the woman. The skin surrounding the vaginal area may get infected because of the protruding uterus. Mild prolapses are usually treated with non-invasive procedures but bad cases of a dropped uterus (procidentia) may need to be addressed through hysterectomy to remove the uterus.
We hope you have a better idea about dropped uterus.

Ingrown Hair – A Widespread Problem

Ingrown hair affects men and women from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Probably because it can be so visible, it causes considerable distress, especially for women when ingrown hair appears in the facial area.

Itchy bumps, red irritated skin, and painful pimples are the tell tale signs and these can appear on the face, legs, pubic area, in fact, anywhere on the body where hair removal methods are used.

Shaving can cut off the tapered end of the hair so a sharp end remains which can then grow into the skin instead of naturally growing out of the hair follicle.

Waxing can break hair off if not done correctly again leaving a sharp end which can curl back or grow out through the skin, thus causing considerable pain, irritation and swelling.

This article contains a wealth of information to help you not only deal with existing ingrown hair but also to help prevent ingrown hair from appearing in the future. The information is organized into three main categories:

Review these 3 solutions and decide which one is best for you to get rid of ingrown hair fast:

1. Ingrown Hair Treatment – The Fast Easy Solution

2. Tweezing Ingrown Hairs

3. Electrolysis – Laser – Epilight For Ingrown Hair

In some cases ingrown hairs can become infected if they are not attended to promptly. A pimple can fill with pus and become extremely sensitive and painful, especially on the face or in the pubic area.

Look over the additional articles below and arm yourself with a batch of tips and precautions so you can avoid this potentially painful problem.

This site is optimized for fast browsing. Get a complete picture about ingrown hairs and what you can do about it.

In addition to the three main categories shown above, you will also find the following information on various aspects of ingrown hair on here:

You don’t have to put up with ingrown hair. These days there are a number of economical precautions you can take. It just needs a little time to educate yourself and follow through.

Top Tips to Get Rid of Swollen Lips Quickly and Easily

Swollen lips can be a deadly and extremely dangerous skin infection. Even though most cases of swollen lips turn out to be harmless, yet, in some cases it can even be life risking. Now, if your lips have become swollen, fat or red, there are certain tips that you can ensure to get rid of the infection. Whether it is Aloe vera, tea bags or cold compress; these guidelines will help you to treat the infection right away. Following is a list of guidelines that you can ensure for getting rid of swollen lips. Take a look.

Cold Compress

Whenever you notice your lips becoming red, fat or swollen; start with cold compressing on that zone. Yes! Cold Compress can be one of the best ways to get rid of swollen lips. This treatment is even more viable, if your lips have been swollen due to any infection or piercing.

At the very beginning, wrap some chunks of ice in any clean towel or washcloth. Make sure that the cloth you use is absolutely clean. Dirty cloth may add to the infection and make the situation worse. In case you don’t have ice chunks, frozen peas or chilled spoon can also work in this regard.

Now, when you’ve got the spoon/cloth or ice chunk, press it lightly on the affected area. Follow the entire procedure for around 10 minutes and repeat. Try to be as gentle as possible, because pressing it hard on the affected zone can hurt you.

Finally, continue this procedure until the swollenness or redness of your lips is reduced. The procedure will help you get rid of the pain and the discomfort. However, never apply ice directly on your lips. This can be dangerous as it is likely to cause frost bite or mild soreness.

Use Aloe Vera

When it is swollen lips, nothing can work better than natural ingredients. Aloe Vera is one such ingredient that can help you get rid of the swollen lips right away. The anti inflammatory properties in the herb will play a vital role in helping you to get rid of the swelling and the burning sensation from your lips. This remedy works best when the swelling is caused due to mosquito bites or insect bite.

To begin with the procedure, extract some fresh juice or aloe vera and apply it on the affected lip. Now, gently massage the juice along the area, until the aloe vera is absorbed properly in your lips. Follow this procedure twice a day and do it for a week in order to treat all issues with regard to swollen lips.

Chilled black tea bag

The black tea bags contain an extremely essential element called tannin. Tannin comes with excellent astringent qualities that treat swollen lips right away. Thus, simply apply chilled black tea bags on the affected area and continue the procedure for around 10 minutes. The lips will soon be perfect without being swelled. Thus, follow these tops tips and you will soon get rid of swollen lips without much hassle.


Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery Discover The Truth

As you maybe knew hemorrhoids will go away on their own. However in some certain cases, surgeons use laser light in hemorrhoids laser surgery. The unwanted hemorrhoid is vaporized or excised. The infinitely small laser beam allows for precision, accuracy, and usually rapid healing.

The outcome for hemorrhoids laser surgery is less discomfort, less medication, and faster healing. A hospital stay is generally not required. By sealing superficial nerve endings patients have a minimal discomfort. With the closing of tiny blood vessels, your proctologist is able to operate in a controlled and bloodless environment.

There was a documented study of 750 hemorrhoids laser surgery patients that under went laser treatment for hemorrhoids, 98% successful results were reported. The patient satisfaction was 99%. here is a list of the advantage and dis-advantages of hemorrhoids laser surgery.

Advantages of using Laser:

Using laser instead of scalpel advantages:

1. More precise
2. Tissue cut with laser tends not to bleed – laser “seals” the blood vessels it cuts, so there’s little blood.
3. There is little damage to surrounding tissue.

Disadvantages of Laser:

1. Laser equipment is expensive.
2. Less expensive methods that are natural and work very well are available
4. Increased risk of fire during operation

In hemorrhoid surgery or hemorrhoidectomy, the use of laser as cutting tool does not seem to have overwhelming advantages. There is no evidence that laser hemorrhoidectomy is less painful, that patients heal faster, or that there are less chance of complications.

However, are natural ways to treat hemorrhoids, which is what this blog is about the natural best hemroid cures available. If your suffering from hemorrhoids I strongly suggest you try natural hemorrhoid relief first and in a last case scenario move on to surgery.