Beer Reviews Youngs Waggledance

The beer called waggledance was developed by the Vaux brewery of Sunderland in 1995 and produced by it’s subsidiary, Ward’s of Sheffield. When these breweries closed, 4 or 5 years later, Young’s of London took over production.

Young’s has been a family brewery ever since 1831 when C.A. Young and his partner purchased the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, London. They were the only London brewer not to switch to keg beer in the 70’s and still make some of their deliveries by horse drawn dray. Their emphasis on tradition has repaid them with countless awards for their range of beers, which these days number 12 brands.

Where does the name come from I hear you ask. Well… Waggledance is the term that’s used to describe the figure-of-eight motion that bees perform to alert other bees to a find of nectar. Hmm, that’s interesting.

It pours to a crystal clear, deep golden-amber to copper colour with moderate carbonation and a small, slightly off-white head – the retention isn’t great and the head didn’t last long but it leaves a reasonable lace nevertheless. The aroma is quite pleasant, very strong honey notes are evident as well as some sweet maltiness. There’s also a little grain to the nose and just a hint of hops.

Medium to light in body, the taste is strange. The mouthfeel has a weird, dry and grainy texture and is quite musty, overwhelming most of the malt or hop presence. From the label we’re told that Goldings and Fuggles hops are used but they’re barely noticeable. Upfront there’s some sweet malt and honey notes but these are soon overshadowed by a bitter and metallic taste. It finishes quite dry and bitter and eventually, a slight hint of honey in the aftertaste.
It smells far better than it tastes.

At 5% ABV, this beer this beer does not impress. It promises much in the aroma but singularly fails to deliver in the flavour department. I would go even further. It is quite unpleasant and – are you sitting comfortably? – I didn’t even finish my pint! To be honest though, I’m really not a big fan of the style anyway, but having said that, I was really disappointed with this offering from Young’s.
Would I drink it again? – Do bees swim in the ocean?

Perhaps I could best sum up in a Limerickerish fashion:

proxam returning from France
sampled some Young’s Waggledance
he took a long drink
poured the rest down the sink
would he buy it again?….nae chance