Beer Reviews Celebrator Doppelbock

Every winter my taste in beer switches from lighter beers to fuller, darker, maltier offerings. Winter warmers have long been favored amongst beer lovers of the world. Basically, come winter time, you want a beer that is full flavoured, malty, and complex with some extra alcohol content to help take the chill off. These are beers meant to be enjoyed by the fire, imbibed in contemplative sips rather than downed in one go. There are few beverages as truly soul satisfying as a strong, dark, full flavoured beer.

Celebrator Doppelbock has always been one of my favorite winter beers. Celebrator is brewed by the Ayinger Brewery in the town of Aying, Germany. Ayinger brewing has been making some of Germany’s best beers since 1878. Today, Ayinger uses a state of the art brewery built in 1999 to make a wide range of beer. Celebrator is a type of beer called a Doppelbock, originally brewed by monks for consumption during lent.

Doppelbock is a stronger, darker, maltier version of bock beer which originated in the town of Einbeck, Germany. Doppelbock was literally brewed as a “liquid bread” for the monks to consume during their annual period of fasting. Today, you can find doppelbock all over Germany. According to tradition, most of them are given names ending in -ator. Celebrator pours into the glass a leathery dark brown with hints of ruby. Minimal carbonation supports a mousse like tan colored head.

Celebrator offers deep malty sweetness in the front. Malt is supported by aromas of caramelised dark fruits. Aromas remind me somewhat of raisins and figs soaked in alcohol. All this is supported by hints of European chocolate. Aroma is rich and decadent. Flavor gives me a more intense version of what I observed in the nose. Celebrator starts off with flavors of caramelized dark fruits. Body is full and the mouthfeel is silky, like chocolate melting in your mouth. Roasted flavors give Celebrator some backbone, leading the beer into a finish that is dry, roasted, and slightly bitter.

Celebrator Doppelbock gets a 9.26 out of 10. Flavors are so intense, and so nicely balanced. In its own way, Celebrator is like the espresso of the beer world. It’s full, rich, and up front in its roastiness. And yet, it’s rich and amazingly drinkable. I would recommend Celebrator Doppelbock for anyone. Despite its fullness, Celebrator is a very accessible, easy to enjoy lager.