AMS Sinusitis Disease

Nature of the Disease:

AMS medical term is acute maxillary sinusitis. Nose is a part of the face that functions for smelling. Paranasal acute sinuses are mucus and air filled cavity situated in the nasal cavities of the head and cheekbones. It includes frontal sinuses (forehead), ethmoid sinuses, sphenoid sinuses (nose and eyes), and maxillary sinuses (under the eyes). Its chief function was not yet clear but it was believed to help moisten, warm the inhaled air and contains defense materials against bacteria.
Sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucous membranes in the paranasal sinuses that is due to infections or allergies. It can be either acute, a sudden type of sinusitis and/or the most common type, called as chronic sinusitis.


When the paranasal sinuses functions are disturb by certain factors, the destruction would cause its normal defense mechanism against bacterial leading to sinus infection. Allergies, structural abnormalities, bacterial, fungal and viral infection are the factors that cause sinusitis. In addition to fungal infections, it is the primary cause of chronic sinusitis particularly in patients with weak immune system due to degenerative diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes and Leukemia.
In severe cases such as chronic rhinosinusitis is due to second hand smoke.


Infected individuals might experience headaches, pressure around the nose, eyes, one portion of the head or cheek area. It also develops cough, nasal congestions with thick nasal secretions, fever and even bad breath. Some cases shows feelings of visual problems, seizures, altered consciousness, and infections might spread to the brain. The possibility of coma and death might develop.


In 20th century, a Doktor discovered a cure for sinusitis by using the right combination of natural elements and herbal combination, which was termed as Healing Formula. His name is Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, a Doktor of Ministry in Alternative Medicine, and a member of Inventors’ Society in the Philippines. He proves that all degenerative diseases can be cured, because our body has the ability to cure itself if it is being provided the right vitamins and minerals needed in the body. He was awarded by the Philippine government in the office of DOST- TAPI.