3 Effective and All Natural Treatment for Asthma

Asthma treatment and medication have indeed come a long way in terms of improvement and affectivity but there is still one problem that most asthmatics encounter in terms or prescribed medication; side effects. Although they are mostly mild and for most cases nonexistent, side effects are one of the main reasons why a lot of people switch to natural asthma treatments. While this may seem to be a better option, it is greatly discouraged because of the dangers that it can pose. Running out or having no rescue or relief medication around when you need it the most can be life threatening.

So if you are looking to try natural asthma treatments, use them along with your regularly prescribed medication and ask for advice from your doctor first just to be on the safe side. It is also important that you keep in mind three things when looking for natural asthma treatments:

• The quality: While some brands have become trusted in dealing with asthma, there are still those that prey on consumers by offering baseless theories and empty promises, giving nothing in return. Since these herbal medication are not being regulated by the FDA at the moment, more and more “shady” products are entering the market.

• Side effects: some of these products can actually be more dangerous than they claim to be. Check the bottle for the possible side effects or if it cannot be located try looking for the ingredients of the product on the container and searching for possible side-effects on the internet, if still in doubt ask your doctor.

• Drug Interactions: Some herbal medications may contain ingredients that can counteract the effect of your regular medication rendering it useless. Always check for the active ingredients first and the possible contraindications that it might have.

Checking for quality and assurance of safety should always be your primary concern when planning to try out an alternative natural asthma treatment. But just to give you an idea, here are four alternative treatments that have proven themselves safe and effective against asthma:

Buteyko: A breathing technique developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko to help asthmatics deal with their condition by teaching them to breathe less. The premise is that by learning how to breathe less, the asthmatics lungs will be able to adjust accordingly during an attack by coping with lesser oxygen. This breathing method also prevents asthmatics from hyperventilating during the attack thereby making them and the condition more manageable.

Vitamin B6 – B12: Some studies also show that asthmatics can benefit from taking in Vitamins B6 and B12 daily as it can help the body produce essential chemicals that aid in blocking allergic effects of certain sulfites and has been known to promote muscle of bronchial smooth tissue, resulting in better breathing.

Ginko Biloba: Or more commonly referred to as the plant kingdom’s oldest living fossil, Ginko Biloba’s existence can be traced back over millions of years ago and has been used in China in improving lung function, blood circulation, mental performance, and longevity. The conducted medical studies have found out that taking Ginko Biloba can increase micro-circulation within the body and reduce inflammation in asthmatics as well as strengthen resistance to further attacks.

The aim of natural asthma treatment is to achieve relief without depending too much in your prescribed medication. But this does not in any way mean that you should abandon your regular treatment. Do proper research first before starting out so that you will be able to find out even before starting if the alternative method that you choose will work to your benefit or not.


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Facts On Leukaemia And What To Do About It

There are many facts known about leukaemia and if someone is dealing with the problem it’s these facts they need to know. Like all cancers, leukaemia happens for a reason as its not some mysterious illness that science can?t fathom. For instance it’s exceptionally rare in S.E. Asia but is prevalent in all western developed countries.Some of the facts that have been linked to leukaemia are high voltage power lines and people living close to these have a much higher risk factor. The chemical formaldehyde that is commonly found in our homes has also been linked to it.

Food items associated with leukaemia are aspartame, the artificial sweetener in many soft drinks and chewing gum. Sodium nitrite is another; the additive is used in luncheon meats. Other meats that contain sodium nitrite are sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, bacon, ham, and any meats that have been processed. Foods that are known to help leukaemia patients are turmeric, the root vegetable that is the yellow coloring used in curry powder, bananas, oranges as well as grape seed extract. Also vitamin A which is most abundant in carrots, broccoli, squash and spinach.

As with most nutrients it is always best to get them from natural sources and not in supplement form. In other words eat grapes, that is grapes with seed in them and buy turmeric fresh, grate it and use it in cooking. There are many facts known about all cancers but unfortunately today our medical system is more interested in treating these different cancers instead of providing us with these known facts so we can avoid the problem in the first place. We don?t have cancer prevention today; we only have expensive toxic treatments that are not very effective. Remember there is nothing in our 3 main treatments that will stop the return of cancer. All cancers including leukaemia have many known causes and these are; nutritional deficiencies, our sedentary lifestyle and the chemicals we encounter everyday.

Leukaemia is cancer of the blood; the body has lost control and makes too many white blood cells so why would it be any different to any other cancer. Anyone with leukaemia needs to address all these issues, that is eat food in its natural state, get some exercise and be wary of all chemicals we use in our homes these days.There is no such thing as a single cause for cancer, all cancers have multiple causes so the way to successfully overcome leukaemia is to address the underlying causes and a change of diet is a great start. A strict natural diet is of paramount importance. Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specializing in cancer. For more information on effective ways to restore your health and why we only have chemotherapy to treat leukaemia, please visit the link: http://www.cancervic.org.au/about-cancer/cancer_types/leukaemia/treatment_for_leukaemia.html.

Information and Advice for Anxiety Disorder

Being stressed worried is a part of everyday living and everyone has experienced it. There will always be some kind of apprehension when it comes to the many problems that people encounter each day. By being anxious, it rouses you to action which can do you good or cause you harm later on. While anxiety has its good points as it can keep you on your toes, constant fretting can result into a medical condition or much more.

Anxiety disorders are the negative effects resulting from frequent stressing. It prevents you from getting back on your feet and shuts you off from reality. Anxiety disorders are treatable and they are illnesses attributed to the lifestyle and experiences of an individual. In some cases however, these conditions are inherited.

Being afflicted with anxiety disorder can disrupt your day-to-day routine and have unrealistic expectations which can result into nervous breakdowns. Feeling apprehensive and restless can be rather distressing and when faced with anxiety attacks, it can distract you from your daily activities. Also, occasional anxiety attacks can be frighteningly intense that they truly cripple and weaken you.

But there are tons of ways to reduce your anxious feelings and overloaded thoughts. Treatment for anxiety disorders sometimes require that you goad yourself that you want a more positive change in your life other than the one you are experiencing. You do not want a nervous breakdown to go with your anxiety disorder. Exhale slowly, adjust your thoughts, and shift to a more positive insight about life and start from there.

Determine first what makes you worry habitually. Try to assemble your thoughts and emotions. Then pen down your anxiety-causing problems and life issues. Be sincere in what you write since you will be helping yourself anyway. Check your list and separate the important ones from the not-so-important. You need to set some priorities for yourself instead of being morose about how life cruelly treats you. In fact, as you give your list an once-over, you will notice that some things are just plain ridiculous to be worried about. Also, if you are obsessed with worrying, you will never get a sense of wellbeing.

You should learn acceptance of how things are. Without changes, life has no purpose. Reflecting on your worries can help you face your issues head on. Being bogged down with worries is not a great way to live a life full of meaning. Whether you have problems or not, remember that you will continue on living.
Anxiety disorder self help solutions like aromatherapy can also do you good. It can alleviate some of the stress that you are feeling at the moment. Set time for a nice, warm soak in your bathtub and light up some incense for a sensual, calming effect. Not only you will feel invigorated after, you get to relax your mind from obsessing about your problems.

There are also several self-help methods which you can find in the Internet to get rid of your panic and anxiety attacks. You can rummage through books, get support from friends and family, and join a support group. Keep in mind that there are actually plenty of things which are within your control. Take things in proper perspective, go slowly, and heal yourself out of your anxiety.