Remedy for coughing at night

Coughing at night is a severe attack of cough which means that now you can not take rest day and night or for any single minute in whole 24 hours’ day. Some times it may happen that you are fresh and healthy all the day but when you go to bed you start coughing. It seems very troublesome when you want to have a sound sleep at night but your cough did not allow you to do so.


There may have a lot of reasons for the coughing at night. It may possible that you are having asthma. If you have asthma the indication is that you have dry cough. The coughing is a cause of lungs problem. If you feel that you have a night cough be aware it may infect your lungs so take it seriously in early stages. Deficiency of iron complex may cause night cough. Acidity can also cause the night cough which creates problem of night rest.

How to get rid of Night Coughing?

Night cough should be taken seriously in early stages otherwise it can blast your health. It can become a serious problem in high stages. Below are some remedies to get rid of the night coughing.

  • First step of the remedy of night coughing is that you should know what is the actual cause of your coughing? Check what things or activities enhances night cough and what reduces it? Be aware of your routine of the day. For example if you feel whenever you go to dusty area that night becomes more difficult for you. It means that you should take a dust mask to avoid coughing at night.
  • Go to the doctor to know the cause of your problem if you can not understand yourself. Practitioner will prescribe you medicine and will tell you what is harmful for you. If you do according to the doctor’s prescription it will help you to get rid of the coughing problem immediately.
  • It may be possible that coughing is due to another drug which you take for some other reason. Generally it so happened that drugs cause dryness in your body which will cause coughing. A good solution is that take some fats with the drug. Milk can be a good option for this purpose.
  • As it is mentioned earlier that a cause of coughing at night is the deficiency of iron in the body. If so you can take iron tablets or iron rich foods. For example potato, spinach, tomato, apple, etc. this iron rich food will removes the deficiency and will overcome the coughing problem.
  • Take a warm bath daily. It will remove the mucus problem and the cough will vanish soon. Taking a warm bath also help to relax the tensed muscles of the body which normally become problematic in coughing period. You will feel relax and healthy after taking bath.
  • Other than warm bath the use of warm water and soups & sauces will also be a good option to reduce the intensity of coughing at night. Taking warm beverages will remove the cough causing mucus from your body. You will feel charismatic difference in you with in minutes after taking the water and other drinks.
  • Steam inhalation, a very good remedy of night coughing. Take steam at night in a warm room to remove the coughing stuff out from the body. You can add one spoon of the cough removing gel in the water while boiling it. This will go inside through inhalation and start working in the body.
  • To rid off the night coughing add honey in your diet. Honey is a natural solution of the coughing at night. It strengthens the internal immune system to work against the bacteria which are the main cause of night coughing.
  • Some other options can be:
  • Take rich diet
  • Take rest in day time
  • Avoid dusty area
  • Try to remain in warm and heated places


Remember that night coughing can become a grim problem it can infect your lungs badly so take it seriously. Cough in very high stages can damage your lungs and can leads to the problem in breathing. Coughing at night can be mucus cough or dry cough so take remedy option accordingly.

If you feel that your home solutions are not working then stop it immediately go to your doctor and ask him for the treatment. It may possible that your body needs some medicines for the recovery from the cough infection. Doctor will diagnose properly and may advise you for an inhaler. You will inhale medicine with your breath and will get well soon.

Remedy to coughing at night is not much difficult till the time you know the main cause otherwise go to the doctor for proper treatment.

First Nap Fitness: Cardio & Core Workout

Oh my goodness, this workout kicked my butt! I was pretty sore from the workouts I had completed throughout the week but still wanted a good sweat, so I decided to create a high intensity workout that centered on cardio and core. And boy, did it! This workout can be modified based on physical limitations +/or fitness level and also performed without any equipment, so feel free to tweak it to your liking.

You will complete 8 total sets in the following reps: 12…9…6…3…3…6…9…12. Your goal is to complete the entire workout in as short a time as possible, while still keeping proper form.

For each round, you will perform each exercise listed for the designated number of reps. In between each round, I completed one hill sprint (running down and back up a hill – ~.2 mile) for a workout total of 7 hills.*

*If you don’t live on a hill, you can substitute several stair climbs.

Leg Raise on Stability Ball – try to keep legs as straight as possible. Can be done on floor without ball.

Mountain Climber alt. Toe Touch – Standing, touch toe to opposite hand at chest level. Swing leg back into a reverse lunge, place hands on floor below shoulders and switch lead leg. (Basically, perform one mountain climber.) Push off front foot, lift back leg and swing it through. Touch toe to opposite hand. Swing leg back into reverse lunge, hands down, and switch lead leg. Completing toe touches on both sides equals 1 rep.

Static Leg Raise with Elbow Taps – laying supine on floor, lift and hold legs 30 degrees above floor. Bring hands together in front of chest with elbows pointing out. Alternate elbow taps to floor. (Slightly twist to side and reach elbow towards ear.) Completing a tap on both sides equals 1 rep.

Tuck Jumps – Perform high knees for a lower intensity option

Seated Knee Tuck + V-Up – sit on edge of bench/chair with hands placed at side. Leaning back slightly, bring both knees towards chest, lower legs back down. Without touching the ground, immediately extend legs and raise them up, making a “V” shape with chest and legs. This is 1 rep.

Why You Need The Blackberry Storm 9530 Cell Phone

Blackberry has put out quite a few cell phones, and one of their most famous ones is the Blackberry Storm 9530. This is a phone that can operate in many parts of the world due to its global connectivity feature, just to name one of its notable qualities. In this review, we’ll be exploring the Blackberry Storm 9530 to help you decide if this is the right cell phone for you.

The Blackberry Storm 9530′s clickable touchscreen is something many people -though not everyone- likes. The screens on most cell phones are flat, which doesn’t exactly make it convenient to type in numbers and text. The “clickability’ of the Blackberry screen makes keying a more controlled process.

Of course, if you’re used to the typical kind of touchscreen, it will take getting used to the one on the Blackberry Storm. Depending on what you’re used to, it may take a little time to adjust to this touchscreen -or you might love it right away.

The Verizon network is one of the better ones when it comes to call quality, and this is what you’ll be using if you purchase a Blackberry. You don’t want to be using a network that has a poor reputation for call quality, as in that case it wouldn’t matter how good your phone is. Blackberry also has global connectivity with this phone, so it’s usable not only in the USA but in many other countries as well. So if you’re a business traveler and take trips to, say, South America, Asia or Europe, your Blackberry will be functional in many countries (though not all) of these regions. The Global Value Plan, which applies to more than one hundred countries, is useful for anyone who travels globally and wants to save on calls.

If organization and remembering what’s on your daily schedule is sometimes a challenge for you, your Blackberry Storm can help. You can type in everything on your schedule in the task list so you don’t forget it. If you want to write short notes to yourself to remind you of anything, you can use the MemoPad. A calculator is always a useful thing to have, and you don’t need a separate one anymore, as Blackberry provides you with one. The calendar is useful for looking up dates as well as putting in events you want to remember. In today’s hectic world, it can be easy to forget various things, but your Blackberry can be there to remind you.

As you may already know, when looking at smart phones there are many choices. If you’re trying to decide whether to get a Blackberry or one of its competitors, such as iPhone or Android, you should really check out a few different models and find out which have the features you most value. The latest Blackberry Storm 9530 model is, however, definitely comparable to some of the greatest smart phones on the market.

Smart Programmable Thermostat

Our dependency on energy has grown exponentially during the last few decades, from the fuel that drives our vehicles to electricity that powers up the TV; we are addicted to it. The rising demand for energy and the supplying not being able to meet the needs has already created a crisis; resulting in the development of more energy efficient equipments to reduce the amount of energy we consume. One of the most popular among these devices that are designed to save power and money is the smart programmable thermostat.

A smart programmable thermostat is designed to cut down the unnecessary power consumption, and to increase the efficiency of your house’s heating and cooling systems. Just like any other programmable thermostat a smart programmable thermostat would enable you to enter a time frame and the required functions to the device.

One of the main characteristics that distinguish a smart programmable thermostat from a normal programmable thermostat is the ability to communicate with themselves, and the homeowner. In a house that is equipped with a smart programmable thermostat in each room, the thermostats will communicate with each other, enabling them to cycle heat from one section of the house to the other; effectively reducing the power consumption. Another attractive feature in the smart programmable thermostat is the ability to connect to the internet; by doing so it could let you know the latest prices of electricity or gas and alter its functions accordingly, or send you a distress call if something that has to do with the system is wrong.

The smart programmable thermostat also comes complete with a feature that enables it to indicate when peak hours are in effect. As most of the power companies charge extra during those hours, when peak hours are indicated you could postpone your other non critical work that requires power to off-peak hours. This would surely plug one of the holes in your bank account.

With the usage of a smart programmable thermostat you could save up to 15percent from your power bill, but the initial expense of these are high. Each of these thermostats could cost from 150 to 400 dollars, and since these complex devices are not too easy to install by yourself, most of the manufacturers recommend that you get a professional to do it. With the low voltage wiring and everything else that is required, the installation would also cost you something between 300 to 1000 dollars.

Even though the initial cost is high, if you can afford it, going for a smart programmable thermostat would be a wise investment.