Blue Waffle Different Reactions

One girl in you tube video she is telling about the blue waffle. She said that the when I see the picture of infected women vagina it’s discussing. She said it’s because of the bad girls and I am not wanted to show you that picture because it’s horrible. But it’s terrible; it’s awful I have ever seen some thing like this. I did not see intentionally because my friend told me about this STD vaginal infection.

First Time See Blue Waffles Reaction Video

There are two ladies in you tube video. They are watching a video about this infection and they also discussing that what is waffle? One of those ladies was taking coffee when she sees the picture of STD blue waffle see throw all that what she has in mouth suddenly. Now you should think that how horrible was that.

Deaf Girl’s Reaction to this Infection!

She is say in her sign language that she is deaf. She said I have noticed that a lot of people have been talking about this std disease on internet. So I was thinking that I would go ahead and look. I have no clue what is it, but people have been telling me that you have to record your reaction on video.

Mom’s reaction to This Infection Video

One girl was showing to her mom the picture of this nasty vagina STD infection. She was telling that you will see the reaction of my mom about the Disease when she brings the picture of STD infection in front of the mom. She shocked and says some thing I can not explain but a just say that she said that it is really discussing.

Dad’s Reaction to STD Vagina

There are two sons and their dad in car. One of the son want to show the picture of infected vagina to their dad and the other son was recording the reaction of his dad about the STD Blue Waffle. They were telling to their dad you will shocked but when he see the picture he cry and put his hand on his mouth and said is it a dad virgin? Their sons reply no dad its nasty vagina infection.